Pedonier it’s an olive farm from Lake Iseo that has created an emotional journey through the aromas of olive groves and winds of the lake, selecting the fine products that only this territory offers just for you.

Wellness and natural beauty are enclosed in exclusive facial lines, body and for your home strictly based on Pedonier extra virgin olive oil.

Unique in its kind thanks to the extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pedonier rich in minerals, with strong emollient, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Dermatological studies consider the extra-virgin olive oil the number one ally of the skin for the richness of its beneficial substances such as eleuropein (action antioxidant and regulating of cell renewal), the oleocantal (soothing action), the phytosterols (bioactivating and natural action), squalane (protective and moisturizing action), polyphenols (antioxidant and anti-radical action) and tocopherol (moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing action). Rich only in polyunsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats, useful and easily metabolized by the human body, it is called sebum compatible and its unsaponifiables manage to nourish the dermis optimally stimulating the production of new collagen, restoring the right hydrolipidic balance and safeguarding the elasticity and softness essential to the radiance and brightness of the skin. High content of fat-soluble vitamins, natural antioxidants that protect cell membranes from oxidative stress.

Why choose our products

5 Reasons to make an intelligent choice for both your health and the environment:

  1. Natural products do not create allergies as it happens with synthetic coloring substances and chemical preservatives that do not exist in any natural cosmetics
  2. Our cosmetics are 95% natural and the ingredients contain no trace of fertilizers or chemical agents
  3. Natural products contain 50% more vitamins, minerals and other micro nutrients than chemically treated ones
  4. They are not toxic but on the contrary help to eliminate toxins and waste of our body
  5. Respect nature and the environment … Products not tested on animals in which the attention to nature and the environment is based on the use of raw materials km 0 with a natural packaging

In this regard, the GfK market research institute, conducted by the international association for natural and biological Natrue cosmetics, conducted a survey among consumers in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland and Sweden.

The results – informs Vivaness’s note – highlight the degree of knowledge of consumers on natural and organic cosmetics, and what they expect from this:

about 45% of all European interviewed want to respect nature and the environment.

Animal welfare, production processes and packaging recycling are important aspects, especially in age groups between 45 and 64

29% want to avoid risks to their health

and therefore pay close attention to the ingredients indicated on the label.

21% choose a natural cosmetics

because it is a sign of a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Natural cosmetics based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 100% Made in Italy

Dryness of the hands

The first and most immediate use concerns dry hands, especially in the coldest periods of the year. Just pour a few drops on the palm of your hand, then massage it on the back and fingers, leaving it in place for a few minutes. The softening effect will be almost immediate, so you can proceed with the common washing – avoiding aggressive soaps – to remove any greasy residue.

Fight the stretch marks

Mothers and grandmothers have always used olive oil to fight stretch marks, especially those with a more red color, which are more recent and not completely permanent. It seems sufficient to massage the affected areas – thighs, buttocks and belly – with the fingertips slightly moistened with oil, repeating the operation several times a day.

Reduces acne

Some studies have shown that the oil has antibacterial properties, which can help to eradicate skin infections and acne.

Relieves inflammation

Olive oil can help alleviate inflammation. "Polyphenols are anti-inflammatory. A specific phenolic compound, the oleocanthal, is known to act similarly to ibuprofen in the body. But while ibuprofen is not recommended for long-term intake, olive oil can be part of a lifelong approach to healthy living.

Hydrate your skin

«The oil is so exceptional for the skin of the face and body thanks to its high levels of dipolifenols, vitamin E and phytosterols, which work both as antioxidants and as anti-inflammatories», Oil is a natural cosmetic, helps to protect from skin damaged by the sun and increases the capacity of water retention of the skin.

For eczema

Irritated skin can benefit from the soothing properties of olive oil. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, it can calm the inflammation of the eczema.

Anti-aging effects on the skin

Antioxidants in olive oil have anti-aging effects and revitalize older skin. "These antioxidants include vitamin E and polyphenols, which help to reunite and neutralize free radicals that can otherwise damage the skin and advance aging.

Natural make-up remover

Olive oil works similarly to make-up removers and does not clog pores. Furthermore, it is great for removing waterproof mascara without irritating the eyes.


FACE CREAM Regenerating

A precious cream. Unique and regenerating. Which transforms your skin into perfume.

Product characterized by a formulation rich in active ingredients of natural origin and Pedonier extra virgin olive oil. Its soft and light texture protects and restores brightness to the skin thanks to the antioxidant properties of extra virgin olive oil. The delicate naturalness of the oil also helps to smooth the skin by softening the small wrinkles. It is quickly absorbed leaving a pleasant sensation of softness and elasticity.

Moisturizing, protective, regenerating, indicated to minimize the effects of external polluting agents, gives brightness and elasticity to the skin. Ideal also for dry and sensitive skin.

Based on olive oil, myrtle, red grapes and pomegranate in combination with other precious plant extracts.

The REGENERATING FACE CREAM contains active ingredients of natural origin and extra virgin olive oil from the Pedonier Agricultural Company, indicated to restore the correct hydrolipidic film of the skin, to keep it healthy and able to fight external aggressions.

The complete beauty treatment for the face

How to use :. apply to the face meticulously cleaned, massaging gently until completely absorbed.

BODY CREAM Nourishes and Elasticizes

A precious cream. Unique and regenerating. Which transforms your skin into perfume.

The Pedonier’s body cream nourishes your skin in depth, giving thanks to the presence of extra virgin olive oil a feeling of comfort and pleasure. Its light and soft texture, with a light fragrance, restores hydration and shine to your body. It is easily absorbed and deeply moisturizes your skin.

Emulsion formulated to improve the elasticity of the skin tissue and to maintain the optimal level of hydration. Leave the skin soft and velvety. Its rich and soft texture allows a long, pleasant and relaxing massage.

_Based on olive oil, thyme, cherry blossoms and aloe juice in combination with other precious plant extracts.


Rich in minerals and trace elements able to restore hydration and well-being to the skin, contributing to the defense against free oxidant radicals.

_ Rich in VITAMIN E

It is used in cosmetics for its antioxidant action and to slow down cellular aging

The complete beauty treatment for your body

How to use: apply all over the body with a light draining massage. Excellent as after bath and after sun

” If you do not know what to do with your hands, turn them into caresses “

Nourishing cream characterized by a soft and light texture and immediate absorption. The vitamins of Pedonier extra virgin olive oil and the mimosa flower extract with antioxidant action ensure an effective protective action against oxidative phenomena responsible for skin aging.
Rich in natural ingredients, it restores immediate elasticity and youth leaving a pleasant fragrance from Pedonier taste.

Massage gently on your hands until completely absorbed

” The scent of your skin is a great indicator of what is happening in your body “

The deodorant with its solution based on natural active ingredients and Pedonier Extra Virgin Olive Oil with known moisturizing and soothing properties is effective against unpleasant odors and guarantees a lasting freshness sensation. Its 100% natural light and elegant fragrance without aluminum hydrochloride, does not irritate and does not hurt the skin.

How to use: Shake the product and make two sprays a few centimeters away from the armpit. It is advisable to wait a few seconds before wearing any garment.

” The essence, the one left on the skin, has the scent of nature, inebriates “

Solution based on plant derivatives, Pedonier extra virgin olive oil and thermal water with recognized refreshing and mineralizing powers, formulated to complete facial cleansing treatments. Contains Mallow and Aloe extracts capable of leaving the skin toned and rehydrated and ready to receive the benefits of subsequent treatments. Everything does not stick and does not leave feelings of tension.

Apply to the face and neck perfectly clean using a cotton pad and complete with treatment products

MUD SCRUB Detergent peeling

Our scrub, a gesture, a feeling, an open door on the wonderful! A question of skin, contact, emotions!

Exfoliating product indicated to smooth your skin and make it brighter and velvety. Its formula enriched with Pedonier extra virgin olive oil leaves the skin soft, hydrated and slightly perfumed. The microspheres dispersed in the emulsion gently smooth the epidermis, improving tone and elasticity.

In the shower in a few minutes and without effort

Smoothes – shapes – removes toxins – cleanses like a bubble bath

Effective – fast – practical – fun

Soft and creamy peeling with detoxifying active ingredients.

It spreads easily, exfoliates with immediate results and leaves the skin velvety and bright.

Based on olive oil, peppermint, Bio oats and Juniper in combination with other precious plant


Excellent detoxifying, able to absorb by osmosis liquids and waste products of the metabolism, and at the same time to give the tissues mineral salts draining and firming

The best scrub that cleanses like a bubble bath

How to use: apply on the whole body preferably on dry skin. Massage by insisting on the roughest areas to form a foamy surface, then rinse thoroughly. For best results use 2/3 times a week.

” Each person can best represent if he is well inside the perfume and the brilliance of his skin “

Based on natural ingredients, gently cleanse the skin leaving it soft and pleasantly scented, ready to receive the benefits of subsequent treatment products. The Pedonier extra virgin olive oil together with the natural extracts of Ginger, Artichoke, Cucumber and Red Grape extract; guarantees the respect of sensitive and delicate skin and ensures daily hydration and brightness.

Massage the whole body under the shower jet

HOME PARFUM Acqua di Riva

The perfume is magic. It is mystery. We recreate the smell of a flower, of wood. Grass. We capture
the essence of life. We liquefy it. We trap memories. We make dreams.

Ambient fragrance based on pure essences that releases a delicate fragrance that makes the air
more pleasant and welcoming. Each breath will be a new journey in the heart of a land rich in
sensory suggestions, where tradition merges with the future and the buds of a new dream are
grafted onto the solid roots of the olive trees.

Our essence is contained within a refined container able to give a touch of style to the home or the
work environment.

A unique and elegant fragrance with a soft color reminiscent of oil, suitable for any environment…

CANDLE FOR MASSAGES Relaxation and hydration

A candle, an emotion! Silent, invisible essence that turns into a massage oil!

Dissolve in pleasure with this fantastic candle

Invisible silent essence that turns into massage oil.

This composition based on Pedonier extra virgin olive oil and Shea butter, when heated, will allow
your muscles to relax more quickly and pleasantly, softening your skin and making it brighter.

The massage oil reaches a maximum temperature of 37 degrees, the perfect temperature to
pamper your body!

Made exclusively with vegetable-based, refined and sebum-restoring butter that melts thanks to
the heat of the flame together with the Pedonier’s extra virgin olive oil, giving the skin a new and
immediate softness and elasticity.

Shea butter is a substance composed of a high fraction of triglycerides responsible for the
emollient, moisturizing and regenerating properties of the skin barrier.

ideal ingredient for anti-aging formulations for the face and body, able to give the skin
compactness and elasticity

How to use: light the candle a few minutes before the massage and let the butter melt.
Turn off the heat and percolate all over the body. Massage for a long time to allow absorption of
the product.